The African Children’s Choir® would not exist without the vast community of volunteers who have helped tour as chaperones, hosted children, run camps in Africa, lobbied for the Choirs, fundraised for special projects, and so much more!

Thank You! You mean a great deal to the children, and everyone in the Choir community.

At this time, the African Children’s Choir™ is interested in catching up with all its former Tour Chaperones or Music for Life Team members. It may have been a while since we’ve heard from you, and vice-versa!

… AND we now host special Chaperone Alumni Trips to Uganda!


Please contact us today! We want to hear from you. Sign up to be on the special alumni list, and be the first to know about special trips, projects and more. Using the Contact Us form, be sure to include the following additional information in your message:

  • Choir Tour or Music for Life Team
  • Year(s) of involvement
  • How you want to be further involved