The first African Children’s Choir is founded and goes on tour to North America.


The first children’s home is purchased at Makerere in Kampala, Uganda. It is funded by the proceeds of the first African Children’s Choir tour.

The second African Children’s Choir, selected from the first children’s home, has to flee Kampala and take refuge in Kenya (in order to train in safety). The second Choir tours Canada.


The first of six additional homes are established.

In Kampala, three literacy (catch up) schools are set up at Kyambogo, Rubaga and Makerere.

The third African Children’s Choir is trained at Makerere. The Choir tours the United Kingdom, Holland, North America and communist East Berlin.


The fourth Choir is trained at Makerere and tours North America.


The fifth African Children’s choir tours North America. The Choir includes children selected from the literacy schools and the newly established children’s homes in Kampala, Uganda.


Through Choir funding and the sponsorship programme, the Eden Literacy School is established in the Eden Revival Church (founded by Pastor Morris). Its ministry serves the people in the neighbouring slums.

Bugalobi Literacy School is established. Each child receives a school uniform and is served a hot meal daily through sponsored programmes funded by the African Children’s Choir.


Luwero Boarding and Day School is established. Over one thousand children from this area have their education sponsored by the Choir. The Luwero war zone was known as the “Killing fields of Africa”.


The African Children’s Choir is nominated for a Grammy Award.

Emergency aid sent to Somalia.


Relief aid projects start in Sudan, prompted by the plight of the “Lost Boys of the Sudan”. Educational and medical aid programmes begin in war-torn Somalia.


African Children’s Choir tenth anniversary.


The Fields of Life farm is established in Uganda. It provides food for the children’s homes, our schools and a source of additional income. The farm grows vegetables, coffee beans, maize, fruit and raise livestock.


The Fields of Life Primary School is established. Four hundred pupils are educated through the programs funded by the African Children’s Choir and individual sponsorship.

In Southern Sudan, the organisation – Humanitarian Assistance for South Sudan (HASS) – gets financial and human resources with funds provided by the African Children’s Choir. They established an HQ compound and three Primary Schools.

A Village Rehabilitation Program starts with a medical centre, a grain mill and agricultural projects.

A Teacher Training College is established. Those new teachers will provide guidance at eleven Primary Schools in South Sudan.

1998 — 1999

In Kampala, the Makindye Choir Training Academy is established. The nineteenth African Children’s Choir trains for five months prior to touring.


Grace High School is established. Four hundred students attend with forty five former Choir children boarding there and another one hundred and fifty sponsored through Choir programs.


Bright Star High School is founded at Liwolo in Sudan.

A home and choir school is established in Simon’s Town near Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a base for returning Choir children and a first step into the region.

In Kampala, the new Music for Life Primary School is built under the supervision of Moses, former Choir member, who is now a Chief Engineer for the Kampala City Council. This is now the permanent base for returning Choir children to live and continue a higher level of Primary education.

The original Makerere home and school is the new administrative centre for all Ugandan sponsorship programs. The welfare and progress of each sponsored child is monitored by the team , which includes several former Choir members who are now fully trained and educated as supervisors.


A Music for Life Centre, with both a Primary and High School, is established in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as Community Outreach Programs for children.


The twenty-fourth African Children’s Choir leaves Makindye to tour. One third of the Choir children are from Pastor Leo’s orphanage in Kibilira Children’s Centre in Rwanda.

The latest focus of support is in the Nkomazi region of South Africa. The organisation is highlighting the plight of AIDS orphans. It raises funds to provide emergency food, water containers, wheelbarrows and medical supplies.


Twenty-five children from the Nkomazi region come to the Music for Life Centre at Rondebosch to join the Choir Program.

The twenty-fifth African Children’s Choir leaves Makindye to tour North America.

African Children’s Choir celebrates their 20th Anniversary.


Our Nkomazi choir from South Africa meets Nelson Mandela, performing at his foundation’s 46664 concert. The Choir sang back-up vocals for the legendary rock band, Queen.

The Choir performed alongside internationally renowned artists at the Live8 concert in Hyde Park, London.

The Choir performed at ONE’s (co-founded by Bono) ONEXONE gala in Toronto.


The twenty-eighth African Children’s Choir spent six months in the United Kingdom, finishing their tour as performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Choir sings on the soundtrack for the premier movie “Blood Diamond”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Choir performed with Wyclef Jean at the 2nd Annual ONEXONE gala in Toronto.

The first Music for Life Centre opens in Nkomazi, South Africa.


The Choir performed with Josh Groban on American Idol’s special, “Idol Gives Back”.

The Choir also performed on American Idol’s Season 6 Finale.

King’s Park International Church located in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina purchased a house on six acres of land for a Choir “home away from home”. The Choir performs, “Journey of Hope,” at larger theatres and performing centres in North America.

The African Children’s Choir tours Australia. The Choir performs with the Queensland Youth Symphony at the Queensland Music Festival.


Choir Thirty-one performed and recorded with Michael W. Smith for his A New Hallelujah CD and DVD.

Choir Thirty-one performed at the signing of H.R. 5501, United States Local Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008, by George W. Bush.


The Choir performs for the Queen and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at the Commonwealth Day in London, England.
Alicia Keys sings with the Choir at Black Ball Gala.
Choir sings for the US Global Leadership Coalition honouring Former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton.


The new African Children’s Choir Primary School opens in Entebbe, Uganda.
First Relief and Development training programs started in East Africa.
African Children’s Choir featured in CNN International’s “Inside Africa” documentary.
Work4Life business mentoring program started with ACC alumni.
Music for Life opens three new Centres in Uganda.
The Choir tours in Europe (France, Germany and Switzerland).
Featured on “A Christmas Cornucopia” with Annie Lennox.

Chaperone alumni trip to Uganda.


Two new water wells drilled in South Sudan at Liwolo compound.
Music for Life and African Children’s Choir win the prestigious Tumaini Award (sponsored by World Vision, Compassion and Save the Children) for “Best NGO Educational Initiative”.
Choir thirty-six and Choir thirty-seven join to become “Journey of Hope” tour.
Choir thirty-eight starts West Coast US Tour in Seattle, Washington.


Music for Life’s newest tour the Young Africans – arrive in Los Angeles, California
The Young Africans perform with Michael W. Smith
Choir thirty-nine arrives in Chicago and begins their Mid-West tour
Choir children come together from past choirs to perform for the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee Celebration
The Choir begins the 2012-13 UK Tour