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Music for Life – Home of the African Children’s Choir

Music for Life helping vulnerable children

Our mission to help Africa’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Africa tomorrow extends much further than sponsoring the Choir children through their education.

The African Children’s Choir® are the ambassadors for the millions of suffering children back home in Africa, and funds raised on tour not only go towards the education of each touring Choir child but also to the continuing efforts of our fundraising organization, Music for Life.

Music for Life works in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa to improve the lives, education, and futures of thousands of suffering children living in unthinkable environments.

The African Children’s Choir and Music for Life have so far educated over 50,000 children since 1984, and have helped a further 100,000 children through our relief and education projects. With your help, we can reach more children who so desperately need our support to help us create ChangeMakers for the future of Africa by donating today.

Find out more about how Music for Life transforms the lives of vulnerable children across some of the most deprived and in-need parts of Africa below.

Mark Wight Masai Member of Choir 10

Mark Wight Masai

Mark Wight Masai was given up by his mother at the age of only 7 months because she became pregnant with him shortly after she was graduated from primary school. The decision was made since ‘she was not ready’ for motherhood. Mark was brought up by a foster mother, a British missionary to Kenya. He lived with his foster mom with another ‘adopted’ brother in a remote part of the country known as Narok until 1992 when their neighbours mentioned the African Children’s Choir. Mark successfully auditioned, was accepted to Choir 10 shortly thereafter, he toured most of the U.S. states from 1993 to 1994 before going back to Kenya and settling into school. With the background, education, and support he received, he was able to enter college. Mark chose to pursue social communication and trained to become a broadcast journalist.

Mark joined the Nation Media Group’s NTV in September of 2008 at 23 and made his debut as one of the youngest prime news TV anchors in Kenya, Mark currently displays confidence, maturity, and mannerisms that far supersedes his young age.

The Music for Life has granted me sponsorship in my primary, secondary, and college education but not just that! Music for Life is bigger than Family. Since my foster mum retired back to England, I have lived with members of the African Children’s Choir! I don’t live with blood brothers, sisters, a mum, or dad but I have the biggest family spread all over Africa! I have the biggest family anyone could ever have!